Beyond the Microscope

The purpose of this event series is to spark a conversation between thought leaders and the greater community.

From March through September 2022, we’ll be hosting different webinars. At each event we’ll be talking with a special panel of experts, highlighting the important issues we face in the STEM industry. This webinar event series is for ages 18 and up.

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March 16, 2022

The Science of Learning and Development: How Adolescents Learn

Every young child’s brain growth is critical in their development and as students move towards adulthood, a significant part of their brains develop as a direct response from experiences, relationships and the environments where they live. In our first Beyond the Microscope webinar series, we will examine the development of the brain during adolescents and what conditions are needed to set children up for success at any age, including social-emotional skills, extended learning opportunities outside the classroom and how educators should interact with the youth.

May 25, 2022

Why STEAM Education Matters and How Does It Set Children Up for Success

The overarching foundation of a STEAM (or STEM) educational program is to provide a richer educational experience for the youth. STEAM (STEM) programs not only help children explore the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the workforce, but also empower them to learn problem solving and critical thinking skills that will propel them as true innovators and leaders for our next generation. In our second Beyond the Microscope webinar series, we will uncover the need for STEAM (or STEM) programs in the school system and the benefits they provide, as well as discuss different types of learning styles that invoke asking questions, curiosity and analysis to help open the right doors for your child’s future.

Sep 28, 2022

Neuroscience, Al, and the Future of Education

Imagine a classroom of 25 students with one teacher teaching a set curriculum at a set pace. Chances are not all 25 students will be learning at the same stride; some will be ahead and bored, others might fall behind, while a few might only retain what’s minimally required. As a society we need to ask ourselves: how can we change this behavior in the classroom? In our third and final series of Beyond the Microscope we will uncover how Al educational software offers more personalization and less standardization when it comes to the future of education. The truth is everyone has the ability to be a fantastic learner, it’s a matter of keeping the mind stimulated and inspired though the act of learning.

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