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Impact Stories

Naomi and SueHailey

The best way to share our impact is through the stories of the students we serve and who participate in our programs. Naomi and SueHailey had never participated in any type of STEM program prior to Kids in Tech’s Tech Club.

Naomi is 14 years old,   “I did not think I was going to like Tech Club at first,” she shares, “but it is really fun and interesting. I like that we get to build things, tear them apart, and build again. We also get to go on field trips and see real tech people at their jobs. I get to learn things that I do not learn in school.”

Naomi now plans to attend vocational high schools and pursue a career in Automotive Technology, Engineering Technology or Carpentry.

A resident of the Acre Neighborhood in Lowell, SueHailey is 11 years old. She says of the tech club program, “It is fun and interesting! The self-driving car activity was really fun and also the field trip to IBM.” When asked how Tech Club has changed her life, SueHailey stated “I learned about engineering and what coders do and go to meet someone who works at IBM.  That was really cool.”