How the Arts Can Help Redesign STEM Curriculums

Beyond the Microscope Blog Post | February 17, 2021

By Michaela Goss, Communications Volunteer

School science projects are rarely complete without a giant poster board, colorful lettering and pictures to help describe the project. Technical engineers who build software and websites can’t fully complete their jobs if they can’t picture how the end product will look and how the designs must come across.

The innate logic of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) classes and projects makes the acronym as a whole seem almost stiff – strictly logical, with formulaic answers and solutions and little room for much else. This, however, is not a full picture of STEM, as one critical element undercuts the field and is often overlooked: art.

This isn’t to say solving mathematical equations and painting go hand-in-hand. Instead, think of the scientific method. This starts with a question, which leads to research and a hypothesis. The mere act of developing that question and formulating a hypothesis based on known facts requires creativity. That creativity could be the spark many young students need to develop an interest in STEM.

Kids are known for having big imaginations, so the idea of a formal STEM education may lack pizzaz or a hook to draw them in. However, when they learn how mixing different chemicals can create a rainbow of beakers, or how to create a Punnett square and draw what that person would look like, or how to create a website, their imaginations are fed and could kindle a lifelong interest in STEAM.

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Fluorescence @home: STEM Explorations That GLOW!

Beyond the Microscope Blog Post | February 11, 2021

Fluorescence is a tool used widely in the sciences and beyond. But it is also a fascinating phenomenon in its own right. Use the handheld P51™ fluorescence viewer to explore the world of fluorescence right at home!

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