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Using the Ordinary to Create the Extraordinary

This year’s STEM week will showcase two engaging programs – Everyday Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The dual programs will allow students to see how engineering can solve problems and make a difference, whether using ordinary objects or advancing healthcare. Students will come away with a broader view of engineering possibilities and how creativity and science can change lives. The variety of activities will ignite their ingenuity while teaching real-world applications.


Massachusetts STEM Week 2023

This year for Mass STEM Week, students from all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will participate in a special project, “Everyday Engineering: Using the Ordinary to Create the Extraordinary”, which will deepen their understanding of the different branches of engineering and the variety of careers that they can lead to, all while having fun creating some of their own engineering designs using everyday items.

Mass STEM Week

Massachusetts STEM Week (Oct 17-21, 2023), is an annual statewide event that offers Kids in Tech participants even more opportunities to learn about STEM fields. This year’s program builds further upon the foundations of last year’s Mass STEM Week 2022, Everyday Engineering program.

Previously, Mass STEM Week 2021, Kids in Tech students learned about AI and machine learning, with a final project that had them designing their own Smart Cities with optimized energy and water management, more accessible transportation, and advanced public security and safety.


Why is Engineering Important?

Engineers seek solutions to problems by applying scientific knowledge and innovation to design, build, and maintain technologies to solve the problems in today’s world and in our future.

Engineering Career Options

There are over 50+ types of exciting engineering careers, according to Prep Scholar‘s website.
Each section below explains just a few of the many opportunities in the field of an engineer’s career path.

Mechanical Engineer

Moving parts, changing
temperatures, foreign operating environments

Chemical Engineer

Medical and household chemicals, e.g. fuels, agricultural chemicals. fertilizers. plastics, processed foods.

Electrical Engineer

Power utilities,
mining development,
IT, technology

Civil Engineer

Bridges, Roads, railways, airports, dams and tunnels

Systems Engineer

Networked computer systems, application software, installed systems and infastrucure

Environmental Engineer

Mined materials, refinement, waste products recycling, water supply protection

Aerospace Engineer

Spacecraft, airplanes, helicopters, jets

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