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Transforming the Ordinary into Medical Marvels

This year’s Mass STEM week will showcase two engaging programs – Everyday Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.  The dual programs will allow students to see how engineering can solve problems and make a difference, whether using ordinary objects or advancing healthcare. Students will come away with a broader view of engineering possibilities and how creativity and science can change lives. The variety of activities will ignite their ingenuity while teaching real-world applications.

Massachusetts STEM Week 2023

This year for Mass STEM Week, students from all over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will participate in a special project, “Biomedical Engineering: Transforming the Ordinary into Medical Marvels”, which will deepen their understanding of Biomedical Engineering, where engineers and medical professionals collaborate to solve health problems by designing medical devices and procedures. Biomedical engineering careers involve improving human health through innovations like artificial organs, prosthetics, medical imaging, and health informatics. All this while having fun creating some engineering designs using everyday items.

Mass STEM Week

Massachusetts STEM Week (Oct 17-21, 2023), is an annual statewide event that offers Kids in Tech participants even more opportunities to learn about STEM fields.

During the previous Mass STEM Week in 2022, students were actively involved in the Everyday Engineering initiative, which aimed to broaden their awareness of careers in the field of engineering. Throughout the program, participants immersed themselves in hands-on activities, exploring the various facets of engineering disciplines.

The program’s highlight was a culminating project where students harnessed the principles of everyday engineering to design innovative solutions for common challenges.

Why is Biomedical Engineering Important?

Biomedical engineers seek solutions to health problems by applying scientific knowledge and innovation to design, build, and maintain technologies that improve medical care and human health.

Biomedical Engineering Career Options

There are over 50+ types of exciting engineering careers, according to Prep Scholar‘s website.
Each section below explains just a few of the many opportunities in the field of a Biomedical engineer’s career path.

Biomedical Device Designer

Develops medical equipment and devices like prosthetics and diagnostic tools.

Genetic Engineer

Manipulates genes for applications like gene therapies and genetic modifications

Bioinformatics Specialist

Analyzes biological data using computational tools for medical research.

Bioprinting Engineer

Uses 3D printing technology to create living tissue structures for medical and research purposes.

Medical Imaging Engineer

Designs and maintains medical imaging technologies for accurate diagnoses.

Biomechanical Engineer

Studies the mechanical aspects of the human body for medical applications.

Neural Engineer

Develops technologies for nervous system interfaces and prosthetics.

Tissue Engineer

Designs artificial tissues and organs for transplantation.

Pharmaceutical Engineer

Optimizes drug delivery systems for effective medication targeting.

...and MANY MORE!

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