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Olu Ibrahim shares how the Lowell-based nonprofit program uses hands-on learning to teach students about advancing technologies

Lowell, MA ( June 12, 2019) On Tuesday, Olu Ibrahim, founder of nonprofit Kids in Tech, participated in a panel discussion of STEM leaders: Encouraging Diversity & Nurturing Talent, at the Innovation Women Pop-up at LiveWorx 2019, the definitive event for digital transformation for the enterprise and marketplace for solutions engineered for a smart, connected world.

Ibrahim was chosen for her expertise on empowering women for STEM and her nonprofit’s model of afterschool programming that encourages kids to ask questions and pursue careers in technology.

“It was great to engage in a meaningful conversation regarding how we go about getting more kids, especially girls, interested in STEM earlier and sustain interest for the long haul,” said Ibrahim . “When people think about why it is important to have a diverse and inclusive talent pool in STEM fields, they often think of it as a nicety. No, it’s a necessity. We get better solutions.

“Furthermore, I really like Mae Jamison’s quote that says that STEM is something that which only a few people can learn. Like her, I believe we must start early and give kids a foundation. Kids live up, or down, to expectations. Importantly, STEM is for everyone.”

“Having Olu on our panel allowed us to discuss in detail how we can better inspire the leaders of tomorrow,” said Bobbie Carlton, founder of Innovation Women. “Her direct experience was invaluable.” Also featured on the panel were female representatives from Verizon, Suffolk University and CyberSN. The panel was coordinated by Innovation Women, an organization focused on getting more women on-stage at conferences.