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It’s been a great year at Tech Club. See what the students have been up to throughout the school year.

Introduction to Graphic Design

Students learned principles of design and created their own fliers using Google. 

Learning How to Use Google Survey

Students learned how to make their own survey using Google forms and analyzed their results.

Introduction to AI & Machine Learning

Students trained simple machine-learning models and used them to play games and complete interactive projects. 


In partnership with the Cambridge School of Weston, students wrote, scripted and filmed their own original short film. 

Robotics In partnership with iRobot, students used the Root® robot to draw artwork, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and more, all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics.

Rocket Science

Rocketry covers a variety of disciplines, including math and physics, and helps students to reach STEM educational objectives. 

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