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by Aimee Khan, Communications Volunteer

I went to school in the 90s. Back then, children of all races and genders were encouraged to pursue mathematics and science as well as interdisciplinary subjects like history and English. A well-rounded education is necessary in being able to decide a path in college and beyond. I find that the state of a student’s education improves with inspiring teachers who encourage them to pursue their dreams, goals, and passions. Schools may also provide resources in the form of comprehensive libraries and internet access, well-reviewed curriculums, and superior after school programs.

The opportunities present for college students today provide an interactive ability for them to rise beyond what they thought they were capable of. As an alumni mentor, I heard from a university student about the use of 3D printers to perform bioengineering experiments and accessible computational courses to further enhance scientific understanding and ability. There is also an increased usage of tablets to convert handwritten notes to typed text, changing the face of notetaking and multimedia resources. Even though much has changed since I was a student, when it comes to education, inspiration is key. Those experiences light up the mind of a student who would have otherwise not known or not discovered their own potential or interest in the subject matter and then they seek a role models to aspire to.

Firstly, students must have the opportunity to be exposed to many different scientific concepts and these topics should be presenting in a tangible way. This enables the student to decide if this is the path to pursue in the future regardless of any stereotypes present based on the student’s race or gender. Usually, self-belief overcomes biased thinking especially regarding skill or merit. Tune into the Beyond the Microscope Webinar series to learn about The State of STEAM Education on April 28, 2021 and hear from our guest speakers.